Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christmas in JULY day 17

WOOHOO!!! Day 17 is already here. This thinking about Christmas has helped me with the heat.
I hope it has for you as well.
Now, lets get to it. For today, I wanted to see if I could makeover a baby food jar. Here is what I made,
a Snowman's head and short top hat.
 He is just too stinking cute and he use to be a baby food jar. How simple and cute is he...
 I used a small baby food jar, come scraps of paper, a black marker,
a black button, some tape, and something to cut with
( I used my Cricut to cut a perfect 3in and 2.5in circle because I would whack it up if I did it myself)
 I first cut the white paper just a little taller than the jar and long enough to wrap around the jar and overlap just a little. Then I drew a face on the white paper and glued the button in place of the noise.
After the glue dried, I wrapped the white paper around the jar and taped it in place.
For the hat, I used the circles and a strip of black paper and played with it until
I liked the way the hat looked. After that, I wrapped a thin strip of red paper
around the base of the hat and held it in place with tape.
I think he is just too stinking cute.

Thank you for reading,

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