Thursday, September 25, 2014

Butterfly Body As What???

Christmas lights!!!
Yes, I used the body of a butterfly from Sizzix Triplits Butterfly set to make Christmas light and made a very easy card.
The stamp in the middle was from The Stamps Of Life ornaments4Christmas stamp set.
I used a scrapbook marker to freehand the strand for the lights and went crazy with it. Turned out better than I thought it would.
Thank you for reading.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Christmas Card #1


For this card,
I used The Stamps Of Life ornaments4Christmas
and the ornament dies
with some papers and inks I already had in my craft room.
First, I cut white card stock into a 2 1/2x12 in strip and used my score board to score the strip ever 1 5/8in. Then, I accordion folded along the score lines. This gave me way more than I needed, so, I cut the strip to where there was only 3 folds making it 4 layers of paper.
With the largest ornament die, I lined it up on the folded card stock where it looked centered. 
This is where tape comes in good.
Ran it through my WONDERFUL BigShot and got this...
Opps, I stamped one before I took the photo.
I also cut a single ornament to use as a mask to cover the red one and make it look like it is in the front and stamped one on each side in yellow then blue then the black outlines.
I also covered the blue one before I stamped the green one then the black outline.
I cut the tops out of Recollections foul paper...
and it gave me this...
Can you see how the foil paper took on the look of the release holes? LOVE IT!

So, the red ornament has no top because I trimmed the top off and filled it in with black ink because I wanted it to be on it's side. For this, I cut out another ornament and stamped it in red with the black outline and put Zots on the back of it. I also added the tops with Zots.
Very tiny Zots.
Before adding the red ornament, I backed the ornaments with some white card stock and matted it in black.
This is where I found out the yellow ornament was going to be on it's side because when I trimmed it to fit, the top was cut off.

The next thing I did was spend about 20 minutes trying to find what paper I wanted to use. That has always been the time sucker for me. I found some green textured paper for the background and some shinny red paper to make a ribbon strip 1/4in. wide. I took an extra 2in. folded it in half, fish taled it, and added it with a brad.
Time for the sentiment. 
Isn't that cute? I masked the and sign and put it on the other side of joy
and used the snow flake stamp to do the background only to find it was too big for the card face.
So, I did again, trimmed it, matted it in black,
and put Christmas Wishes on the inside of the card.
Now, time for the red ornament.
Now, the card is DONE!!!
Thank you for reading. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Snow Flake or Ferris Wheel

Yes...I say both.

I am talking about my new stamp set, ornaments4Christmas by The Stamps Of Life.
This is the snow flake I am talking about. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a ferris wheel.
Can you see it?
What about now???
It was fun and easy. First, I used the back of the stamp to stamp in blue.
(The back of the stamp can also be a gear...sweet)
Then, I cleaned it, turned it over, lined it up, and stamped it in red.
Now comes the marker and the "Not so know how" drawing...LOL
I think it is just too cute.

Thank you for reading. 

I'm BACK!!!

I know it has been a long time but I am back.

Yesterday, I got something wonderful in the mail.
That is ornaments4Christmas stamp set
AND the dies by The Stamps Of Life. 
My soon to be husband signed me up for the Die Hard club over at
He knows I have been watching Stephanie Barnard for years and wanted to do something for me he knew I wanted.
It is so wonderful knowing he wants me to be happy, and he knows my crafts are a huge part of my happiness. He is so great to me. 
After thanking him for about an hour, I opened the dies and did this to them...
magnet...that way I know where they are at all times.
I just had to play some.
Look at how thick the stamps are.
Now, I am ready to make some more Christmas cards.
By the love love Stamps Of Life. They have got to be the best I have ever came across.