Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crazy Me

It is like, every time I have a good idea and want to put it down on paper, there seems to never be any paper, pens, markers, computer, or anything I can use around. I am talking about yesterday. I was on my way to take my grandma to her doc. when all kinds of wonderful ideas started flowing through my head. I was so excited about all the different cards that were flashing through my brain. When I got to where I was going, I couldn’t find anything to write with, write on, and my computer was at home.

I was so upset. I knew that everything would be forgotten if I didn’t write it down soon. So, as I began to get more and more upset, I thought maybe I could call home and leave myself a message on my voicemail. I picked up my cell phone and thought to myself, “What a dummy. I have my phone right here with me. I can easily record myself talking about what I want to do.”
LOL I know, I am so crazy.

Thank God for the people that made cell phones and for the people that made cell phones better. Got to love it.