Sunday, June 24, 2012


YEAH!!! I sold my FIRST item on Ebay.
When I signed in to get the address, I saw that the 2nd item had been sold. YEAH!!!
The items I sold were sets of Elmo goody boxes. I make the boxes as they are
sold that way I won't have boxes everywhere, getting messed up.
When I went to make the boxes, I couldn't find my red paper anywhere.
I had to make a Michael's run. Who doesn't like a good reason to go to Michael's?
The boxes made and ready to ship, now all I have to do is wait on the post office
to be open, so I can ship the items out to my first 2 customers.

While at Michael's, I picked up some mirror paper. I can not WAIT to use that.
I was standing in the store, looking at the paper, coming up with all kinds of ideas.
Maybe try out some things with the Cricut cartridge Forever Young and the mirror paper.

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