Monday, April 2, 2012

Paper Flowers

How about a cute way to make your own paper flowers.
I was looking at some videos on Youtube, trying to come up with new ideas for some that I can add to the crafts that I already do. That was when I came across this video of a woman making paper flowers. I don't remember her name or Youtube channel, but she had so many people telling her that they were wonderful and were ordering them from her all the time. I just couldn't see what the big deal was about them. I watched the video over and over trying to see what others see. I am sorry, I was at a loss. I just couldn't see it.

Then, I decided to make them myself to see what everyone liked so much about them. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I see them in person, WOW, I have a new fav. craft now, LOL.

I have to say, her video did NOT do the flowers and justice. I am so happy that I went for it. They are so cute and worth trying out for yourself. Click HERE to see my Youtube video so you can try it out yourself. I even made a green one and it looks like a cabbage. It is too cute. 

Hope you enjoy.

Thank you for reading,

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